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Understanding of the Pre-stressing Methodology in concrete

When it comes to know about the prestressed concrete the civil engineering students think it is a very complex methodology. They will try lot of textbook to learn it in easy way but they hardly can get it. So let us understand the prestressed concrete in some simplified manner. To understand the concept of prestressed

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Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil by Plate Load Test (IS 1888:1982)

Plate Load Test is a field test to determine the bearing capacity of the soil. It is most widely adopted method to evaluate the safe bearing capacity. The test essentially consists in loading a rigid plate at the foundation level, & determining the settlements to each load increment. The ultimate bearing capacity is then taken

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Type of Weld and Economy in Structural Steel Construction.

Being a fresher in the steel structures industry it’s always been a question of curiosity that how someone can achieve  economy in welding. There are number of welding processes and weld types available again there is variability in selection of length and size of the weld. Economy in welding is directly related with the certain

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